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Research Subcommittee

        In today’s era, innovations - be it scientific or otherwise, has become so vivid and rapidly growing that one needs to continuously update oneself via cutting edge researches in order to stay competitive at various levels of excellance. Particularly, for an institute of higher education, like our college, building a research conducive atmosphere, keeping up with basic stages of research works, discussions and meetings, is the minimum one can do to maintain its reputation. And involvement of both students and faculties are necessary to establish the same. Hence be it by genuine interest or by forceful activity, research related activities comes foremost while deciding on the to-do list in our college administration. Within the constraint of usual University recommended teaching loads, we at A.K.P.C. Mahavidyalaya always try to instigate the need to pursue quality research among our students excercising various research activities as well as providing different incentives to the students as well as faculties pursuing research.
       Please find within the "Policies Adopted by Research Cell" section, the policies and resolutions taken by Research Subcommittee of the college in recent past years.

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